Problem of writing “www.” with SSL and enabled Cloudflare

When i enable the SSL service at my hosting provider, i suddenly found there is a problem when i type “www.” (like: in the browser address field. I found it’s not loading the website. But when i add this “.www” (like:, then i found it’s working.

So i contacted the hosting provider support, and they told me to change the SSL to Full(strict).

This fixed the issue and the website became without this issue.

So i decide to share this information with others who may face this problem and don’t know what is causing it.

DNS or “Domain Name Server”

DNS refers to Domain Name Server.

When you want to access a website, you go ahead to the web browser and then enter web address.

Web address can be website real Address (IP Address) like:, or Web Address like:

IP Address is hard to remember, but Web Address is much easier.

Real web address are the IP Address form. So The Domain Name Servers is invented to match this ip with the web address.